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Electric Vehicle Charger installation

Electric Vehicle (EV) is popular. Volvo says it will stop production of internal combustion engine cars in 2019 and produce only EVs. In London, all taxis will only operate on EVs.
Of course electricity supply is the most important for electric cars.
The EV comes with a standard household charger with a 120 volt plug. However, the 120 volt charger requires a long charge time, so most of them use Level 2 charger to charge quickly.

Tesla has a variety of batteries depending on the vehicle's options, and there is also a method called Super Charge. If it is not a Super Charge type, the electric work is the same.

The Level 2 charger is 240 volts, 40 amps. Therefore, a professional technician should be installed.
Usually the whole house supply is 100 Amp. It's a huge amount of power, but it's dangerous.

When the EV was first introduced, the charger was high. Now, however, the price has been lowered and is readily available. It sells at Wal-Mart or at Home Depot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install an electric car charger at home?
You can select and install an electric license company with a state license.
Electrical contractors may travel to the field to discuss and confirm what is expected during the new electrical circuit and before installation. However, if you send us pictures to Sosoo Electric, we will review and install them.
Sosoo Electric has experience and know-how in the installation of chargers for various electric vehicles since January 2011 when the electric car was first sold to the USA, and has a California government license and a bond.

Where should the charging station be installed?
The charging hardware should be installed as close to the car charging port as possible.
It is usually installed in a garage but may be installed outdoors.

Who can install a charging facility?
The car charging circuit is much larger than almost all the circuits in a residential house and should be installed properly. You must consult with a licensed electric construction company that has a California state license.

How much does it cost to install a home EV charger?
You can purchase the charger yourself and just do the electrical work.
Take a picture of the information you need and send a text message to 213 494 4160. We will send you a simple Estimate.
1. Picture of Circuit Breaker on Meter panel.
2. Picture of the place you want to install (indoor, outdoor)
3. Charger Spec (Voltage, Amps)
4. Distance between the Meter panel and the location you want to install

Can I get a discount on the electricity bill?
Yes. Applying to DWP or Edison for an overnight discount will change the meter and will not incur additional costs or expenses.
It is convenient if you have a timer or internet function when you purchase the charger.

Do I need permission?
When adding loads to an existing electrical panel, you must have permission in principle. And you have to get inspected. The corporation must perform the proper installation work in accordance with the code, and even if it is inspected, it should be the construction that can pass through the documents only.

※ Purchase of electric car
In Google search, you can see the contents of various cars by "2018 electric vehicle" or "Best electric vehicle".
Customers have heard that electric cars equipped with advanced safety technology in automatic safety devices are good for older people.

※ Purchase of charger
There are many kinds. Internet function, display lamp, and timer function is different.
And most of them said to buy online. The words "electric vehicle charger", "ev charger"
If the charger cord length is too long, it is inconvenient.